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It's your online hub.

A digital business card is a simple, yet powerful tool that makes it easy for people to connect with you. 

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Your digital business card can include the following:

  • Contact picture

  • Company name

  • Phone number 

  • Email address

  • Website address

  • Physical address

  • Social links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)

  • "Save My Contact" button - adds your contact directly to a mobile device. 

  • Special requests? Just ask.


Join for free and you'll get a custom QR code.

This will link to your digital business card at


Keep it as picture on your phone, set it as your lock screen background, or print it out. 

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Have someone scan it.

When you want to share your contact information with someone, have them scan your QR code.
It will open directly to your digital business card.


Wow them with your digital business card.

Your new acquaintance will be able to add your contact information directly into your mobile phone. 


Then they can easily find your social media accounts.

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How it works.

Sharing made simple... totally FREE.

Quickly & safely share your info.

Your QR code links to your digital contact card. No more awkward conversations that start with, "Just text me your number." Save time - and make sure they saved your contact.

Make a great first impression.

Next time have your new acquaintance scan a picture of your custom QR code. It's an impressive first impression.

Your details in one place.

Stop telling people they can find you on facebook and take them directly to your page. Choose the social links, contact details, and locations you want to share. 

Use it for Personal, Professional, or Business



It's important to manage your personal brand. Use the ContactSave digital business card to do just that.


Business cards are so 2019. Nobody wants you touching their phone. Share your contact with potential clients in a way that impresses.


Make a digital contact card for your business and no one will struggle to find your information. Don't have a website? No problem!


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